Sieto en Ellen Heemskerk would like to welcome you at Huis ter Lucht on the river Amstel. Here you can fully enjoy your holiday with your family, relatives or friends. Huis ter Lucht combines a rural atmosphere with a unique location, right next to the river Amstel. Our new apartments and our group accommodation are wonderfully suited for large families. The central location makes Huis ter Lucht a perfect accommodation for companies and organisations. Huis ter Lucht is situated in De Kwakel, which is close to Aalsmeer, Schiphol, Amsterdam and other large cities. On our premises, we offer more than enough free parking spots for our guests. Would you like to explore the area whilst on water? Then you can rent our luxury sloop for up to 8 persons! A boat licence is not required.

At Huis ter Lucht, you experience the everyday life on a farm. We are an active cattle farm with 70 cows. For children, there are lots of entertainment opportunities around the apartments. We offer free-to-use go-karts, outdoor toys and a large trampoline. Nearby you will find restaurants, shops and a supermarket.

The name ‘Huis ter Lucht’
Huis ter Lucht has been a cheese farm for hundreds of years, which is why you will find it on many waterway maps. There used to be a connection between the Amstel and our Calslagenpolder. Whenever there was too much water in the polder, the locks would open and the water would enter the Amstel. In Dutch, this was called ‘luchten’, hence the name ‘Huis ter Lucht’.

Our cows and pastures
A cow belongs in the pasture, and this is exactly where our cows enjoy their spring, summer and autumn. After a long winter, it is always a great experience to see the barn doors open. The ladies throw their legs up in the air and run outside, mooing loudly. We think it is important to give our animals a life that is as enjoyable as possible. Of course we do have cows because they give us milk, but there is a difference between sustainable milking and “getting everything out that is inside”. Our aim is not to get out the very last drop, which is why our 70 cows have an enjoyable and longer life. Our choice of MRI cows (a Dutch breed that originated between the rivers Meuse, Rhine and Issel) is therefore a logical one: these red cows produce less milk than their Holstein-Frisian counterparts, but the milk has a richer composition. That is why this milk is also suitable for making cheese with a rich and full taste.

Farmland birds
On our lands, lots of farmland birds are breeding. That is why we always try to mow the grass late in spring, so there is enough time for the eggs to hatch, and for the young birds to grow up safely. Also, volunteers search our lands for nests, and place nest protection around them. This ensures that the cows do not trample them, but nicely graze their way around them.

Colourful ditch banks
When fertilising our lands, we skip a large strip on the ditch bank. This results in a rich fauna, consisting of all sorts of flowers, plants and animals. There is always something blossoming, and this is always very nice to see. It also attracts bees, who in turn produce delicious honey. There are all kinds of small animals, who keep the land and soil life diverse and “healthy”. Last year, we strengthened the ditch banks to be able to keep them better maintained. By putting bundles of sticks on the banks, the water can flow nicely, while the ditch banks stay intact as well.